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CFR and Medications for Listed Organisations

No, as long as the CFR-Community level certificate is still in date. We can do a quick assessment to ensure you have maintained your skills. If you want to add another medication this will cost 50 euro

Emergency Training and Education Ltd

Yes, Emergency Training and Education Ltd is a PHECC Recognised institution and can deliver PHECC courses. The courses included are CFR- Community and Advanced, CFR and Medications for Listed Organisations (Adrenaline, Salbutamol and Glucagon)and First Aid Response (FAR) course
Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) the regulator for emergency medical services (EMS) in Ireland and our role is to protect the public.The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) is an independent statutory agency with responsibility for standards, education and training in the field of pre-hospital emergency care. PHECC also maintain a statutory register of EMS practitioners.
Yes, on-site training creates a more relevant learning environment. We will visit your site before the training and discuss what happens during the training session.