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What is First Aid Response (FAR)?

PHECC has designed the First Aid Response (FAR) Standard to offer appropriate training to individuals and groups who require a first aid skill set including the cardiac first response. This standard is designed to meet first aid and basic life support (BLS) requirements that a person is known as “First Aid Responder” may encounter. The FAR Standard meets the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) requirement for occupational first aid training for the workplace. The Child and Family Agency (TUSLA) guidance also recognises FAR as the standard for childcare.

Learning outcomes

There are competencies that students who achieve the First Aid Response Standard are required to demonstrate. Upon completion of a recognised First Aid Response course the student will be able to:

  • Recognise and Assess the causes and effects of sudden illness and/or injury in a prehospital environment and call for emergency medical services.
  • React to such pre-hospital emergencies utilising PHECC CPGs.
  • Respond in a safe, effective, and appropriate manner to such emergencies utilising the First Aid Response skill set and in accordance with PHECC CPGs as part of the pre-hospital continuum of care.
  • Record and Report actions and interventions have taken while responding to and managing such incidents and during handover to emergency medical services.
  • Retain a caring attitude in their role as First Aid Responders.

Course Content;

  • Patient assessment
  • Incident procedure
  • Cardiac First Response – Community
  • Common medical emergencies
  • Injury management and shock
  • Care of the unconscious patient
  • Burns and electrical injury care
  • Hypothermia and hyperthermia
  • Information management
  • Communications
  • The well-being of the First Aid Responder


Award of joint PHECC/Emergency Training and Education Ltd First Aid Response cards/certificates to successful participants is mandatory. The established naming convention provided by PHECC must be used for these awards. Certification lapses after 2 years. A First Aid Response certificate may be used as evidence of successful completion of a CFR course necessary for entry to other recognised course: e.g. CFR instructor (Community only) or EFR. CFR Community certificates shall not be awarded.

Cost €300 per person

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