Our aim is to train our customers on how to deal with emergency situations. We at ETE Ltd have a combined 24 years experience in Pre-Hospital care in both the statutory/voluntary sector. Our instructors have experience in the training of people in first aid up to the level of Paramedic. Also, our instructors have experience working with persons with disabilities, intellectual disabilities and care support.

We ourselves are trained medical practitioners at Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Advanced Paramedic (AP) level.


Our qualifications include:


  • NUI Maynooth NFQ level 7 Certificate in Training and Continuing Education
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Council (PHECC) tutor
  • Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medical Science
  • National Qualification in Emergency Medical Technology (NQEMT)
  • Safeguarding instructor
  • Cardiac First Response (CFR) Community and Advanced instructors
  • First Aid Response (FAR) instructors


Emergency Training and Education Ltd Mission Statement


“Committed to providing quality training sessions based on current best practice. This enables participants to develop and or strengthen their skills and knowledge in dealing with medical/trauma emergencies. ETE will deliver on-site training in familiar surrounding for our clients. This will help make the training more relevant.We value and encourage feedback which will allow us to reflect on our own performance to help us develop and maintain a high standard.”

Course Director of ETE


“If our participants can’t learn from how we teach. We will adapt our teaching to how they learn”

Director of ETE